Brisbane City Council Certified Commercial Kitchen - Fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Cupcake Price Guide

Mini Size Cupcakes
From $3.00
Cutie Size Cupcakes
From $4.50
*Cupcake prices vary depending on quantity and design
*Packing options are available on request
Once you're ready to order, use the contact form to let us know exactly what you're looking for!
*Minimum mini size order is 24 cupcakes
*Minimum cutie size order is 12 cupcakes



Cupcake Flavors

*White Chocolate Mud Cake

*Chocolate Mud Cake

*Caramel Mud Cake

*Carrot Cake

*Lemon Cake

*Sponge Cake



Cupcake Fillings

*Vanilla Custard

*Chocolate Custard

*White/ Dark Chocolate Ganache

*Nutella Cream

*Salted Caramel

*Strawberry Jam Cream

*Cookie and Cream

*Coconut Buttercream



Cupcake Frostings

*Vanilla Buttercream

*Chocolate Buttercream

*Nutella Cream

*Cream Cheese Buttercream

*Caramel Buttercream

*Coconut Buttercream

*White/ Dark Chocolate Ganache



Cupcake Toppings

*Fresh Flowers

*Chocolates or/and Candies

*Fresh Fruits

*3D Sugar Fondant Figures

*Edible Image Prints on Sugar Paper

*Edible Gold Leaf