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Personal Interests Edible Image Decorated Cake


Edible ink printing is the process of creating preprinted images with edible food colors onto various products such as cookies, cakes, cupcakes. The edible papers are thin flat sheets of icing made with natural ingredients and are very safe to consume.

Full payment is required at the checkout in order to submit your order. Cancellations will not be accepted once the order has been placed.

Miss Cookie Brisbane will not be responsible to damages on the product after it is received/picked up.

Handling and Storage

It is best to keep products on the floor of your vehicle during transportation.

Cakes should be stored in the fridge. They should be taken out from the fridge at least 1 hour before serving. Leftovers can be kept freshly in the fridge during next 4-5 days.

Please be careful cutting the cake. Some cakes have food safe wooden or plastic dowels inserted into the cake for stability.

Personal Interests Edible Image Decorated Cake

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Cakes for every occasion made in our Brisbane Stafford store by our talented team of decorators. From small tasty buttercream cakes to large extravagant tiered designs we have got something for everybody!

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A cake based on hobbies and personal interests, such as bowling, handywork, travelling, cooking...etc.
Also displaying happy moment edible images.

We would be more than happy to customize a cake based on your hobbies & interests!